Education & first time jump

First time jump

We teach you In a intensive ground training the necessary skydiving skills. So you can jump out of the plane with your own parachute on the same day, accompanied by two instructors.

Two instructors will accompany you throughout your free fall. A program shows you which tasks a future skydiver has to do. At 1,500m above ground, you will independently open the parachute and steer it safely back to the airfield under the guidance of the ground instructor.

Price list first time jump



First time jump from 4000 m          chf 520.-*

Weekday discount                         chf 30.-*

Youth discount (under 20 Jahre)   chf 20.-*

Inside video                                   chf 110.-*

Outside video oder photos            chf 150.-*

Outside video und photos             chf 195.-*

*Prices per Person and valid for 2021, subject to alteration. if the cost-free pick-up service is used, no discount can be granted.

AFF basic course


AFF (Accelerated Free Fall) is the most advanced and secure way of basic training to learn skydiving. The course includes the basic training and seven level jumps.


Each jump is accompanied by one or two instructors, recoded on Video and then discussed. Watch your Video to see how you fly and make rapid progres. At the end of the course you can jump out of the airplane yourself, control your body in the free fall and land the canopy.


AFF tunnel course


The combination of the wind tunnel and the AFF freefall training is the latest form of training and uses the modern training possibilities. The course includes basic training, 20 minutes of wind tunnel training, five level jumps and two solo jumps.

In the wind tunnel you train stress-free the basic skills in two stages. After this preparation, there will be an abbreviated version of the AFF level jumps and two solo jumps to get teh canopy skills.

Finally, you have learned the same skills as you have after the traditional basic course.

Price list

AFF basic course                 chf 2190.-*

AFF tunnel course                chf 2590.-*

Option individual                  chf 500.-*

Option course video            chf 150.-*

Option education tandem    chf 300.-*

Option plus                          chf 400.-*

Option deluxe                      chf 1800.-*

Rejump Level 1-3                chf 320.-*

Rejump Level 4-7                chf 230.-*

*Prices per person and valid for 2021, subject to alteration. The options can only be booked in conjunction with an AFF course.

Included in all AFF courses:

  • Ground training

  • Logbook and goggles

  • Radio support during the flight under the canopy

  • Video debriefing of the jumps

  • Gear hire for the length of the course

  • Club membership for 1 year

Additionally included in the basic course:

  • Three training jumps with two instructors

  • Four training jumps with an instruktor

Additionally included to the tunnel course:

  • Two wind tunnel sessions with 10 minutes flight time each

  • Two training jumps with two instructors

  • Three trainng jumps with an instructor

  • Two solo jumps

Option individual course

The weekly course is the most efficient way to enter the sport and they take a hole week. The individual course you can set up individual Appointments.

Option plus

This option includes pack training, continuing education theory, CH training sheet and parachute manual. You will need this for further education to obtain the CH license.

Option deluxe

This option includes additional 25 student jumps at the discount price. 




Previous experience of a tandem skydive is recommended.


  • Minimum age 15 years (Children under 18 need the written consent of the parents)

  • Weight of min. 50kg and max. 90kg

  • Body height of min 150cm

  • Good physical and mental health

  • No problems with your ears (pressure equalizing)

  • No problems with your neck, shoulders or back

  • Sport test:
    Standing jump: >body height+10cm (men) or >body height (women)
    500-meter-run under 2min(men) or under 2:30min (women)

The furthur way to the Swiss license


With the Swiss parachute license, you can jump all over the world.


It takes tree steps to the Swiss License:

  • AFF basic course

  • Training and intermediate examinations as a student

  • Practical and theoretical exam

We offer ferign students access to the Swiss school system.

You can find the jump Prices for further education under skydiver.

Course dates 2020

The first time courses take place on Friday and Sunday.


Between April and Octobre we offer the jumps.


We minimum need two customers per course.


If you book a AFF basic course within tree month after the first time jump, we can offer you a discount about chf 200.-

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