The further steps towards your skydive license

From student to licensed skydiver.
The AFF course is only the first step on your way towards your license.
Here we explain what awaites you after the first course.
External students

Depending on the level of training and the time of your last jump, we will also do a refresher ground school and a pack course with you. In order to integrate you into the Swiss system we will do an AFF check jump with you.

Check jump                          chf 290.-*

Training flat rate                   chf 200.-*

Refresher groundschool      chf 200.-*

Pack course per day            chf 250.-*


*Prices per person and valid for 2019, subject to change.

Continuing education as a student

After successfully completed parachute course you are with us students and jump and land already independently.
The instructors give you a jump order and control you for your training leaps.

In an intermediate exam, a video flyer flies with you and films your jump.

As a student, you also pay a supplement for the instruction, the equipment and the video flyer per jump.

The jump prices and discount blocks can be found at Skydiver.

Theoretical and practical Examination


The theoretical exam can be taken at any time during the training. We regularly offer exam dates with us.
The exam is taken in the following subjects:
Meteo, aerodynamics, parachute skills, jump practice and law.

The practical exam consists of two target landings and a formation jump with an instructor.

After passing the exams, you will receive your Swiss parachutist license, which is valid worldwide.