Skydiver and students

Jumps for licensed skydivers

Jurm from 1500m                  chf 27.-*

Jump from 4000m                 chf 44.-*

Jump packages for club members

25 jumps from 4000m           chf 42.-*

50 jumps from 4000m           chf 41.-*

100 jumps from 4000m         chf 39.-*

200 jumps from 4000m         chf 37.-*

Rentals and student fees

Gear per jump                         chf 20.-*

Student instruction per jump   chf 10.-*

Video flyer for exams               chf 36.-

* Prices per person and valid for 2020, subject to Alteration.

Events and courses

In addition the the HellaHerb boogie we offer many events, further education courses and club Events.

An overview an calendar with all appointments can be found on our courses and events page.

Subscribe to our calendar and be automatically up to date. You can show or hide this and get all changes.

All Events are also posted on our Facebook page.

Para shop & consulting


In the Para Store Beromünster you have the opportunity to order everything a skydiver needs locally or in the comfort online shop. Go and get inspired






Also, we advise you gladly as when buying a new harness or a new suit. We measure from you and help you to decide. Login now to make an Appointment.

Rigging services


We are happy to take the time to take care of your parachute maintenance, necessary repairs and linen change.


We have a ultra-modern automatic latch to change a lineset and a heavy saddler machine for all harness work available. From a small patch on the main or exchanging of leg - breast or risers we can offer all the work directly from a single source.

Reserve repack                 chf 120.-*

Check main canopy            chf 40.-*

Reline                                  chf 200.-*

Rigging work per hour        chf 100.-*

* Prices per person and valid for 2020, subject to Alteration.

SES one-to-one Coaching Jumps

We offer one-to-one coaching jumps 7 days a week on our dropzone. The coaching is provided by our SES coaches Max Manow, Max Kossidowski, Fabian Meier, Michael Kurt, Gary Wieland and Serge Pfäffli. They can be offered in the disciplines Freefly, Relativwork, Tracking, Tracksuit and Videoflying.


According to your level we can give you the corresponding SES Raitings.


A coaching jump costs your own jump ticket and CHF 50.- per jump.

Skydive Luzern


6025 Neudorf

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