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Courses and events


HellaHerb Swiss Freefly Boogie


The HellaHerb '23 takes place from 17th - 23rd July 2023 with a PAC 750XL and a Caravan.

The programm includes:

  • Skillz Camp

  • Canopy course

  • Injumps

  • Kick-Ass Loardorganizing

  • Big motto party and much more


More information you'll find here:


Freefly Events


We offer many events with freefly loadorganizing for all skilllevels.


Here is an overview of Freefly Events.​

  • FreeFly Friday

  • Season Opening Loadorganizing

  • Spring Party Loadorganizing

  • Swiss Freefly Championship 2023

  • Fall Party Loadorganizing

  • Beroween Loadorganizing


Training Courses


In the  trainiung courses you can improve your skills.

Here is an overview of our Training Courses.

  • Canopy Courses

  • Beginner Camps

  • Skills Camps

  • Wingsuit Courses

  • Paraclub Tunnelcamps



Club Events


The club events promote the cohesion and offer you a lot of fun in the evenings.

Here is an overview of our Club Events

  • Spring Camp

  • Pimp my Dropzone

  • Spring Party

  • Fall Party

  • Beroween

  • Injumps Buttwil

  • Clean the Dropzone

Calendar and Event Overview


Stay up to date and do not miss one event!

Would you like to see our courses and events, our leap dates and / or the AFF courses comfortable in your own agenda? A big advantage of subscribing is that the calendar will be updated automatically as soon as something is changed.


Here you find the instructions to subscribe.

Details about the events are also available on our Facebook page.

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